Web-Amor Test September 2019 – oldschool or hip

Web-Amor Test September 2019 – oldschool or hip

Web-Amor Test September 2019 – oldschool or hip

Web-Amor in the Test of September 2019.

Over 10 years of the love God Cupid in the network is active and on the popular Dating site Web Cupid. The page is aimed at first glance, to Singles of all ages and offers some of the Features. In addition to the usual news feature, there is also a perimeter, and the possibility of your personal preferences regarding Sport, music and leisure activities set. This way, you can tell the other users as well, what aspects are important in a relationship. The Portal is completely free, but optically as well as technically, there is a backlog. In addition, very much the advertising on the page is built, what use is rather disturbing. Users can be partner finder find it here? With this question, we have engaged us in this Review in more detail. Here you will find all the information about the single market, as well as their Strengths and weaknesses. In addition, you can find out whether a free registration with the provider is really worthwhile .

The sign-in process for Web-Amor – kept easy and simple .

Simply holding down the registration process is Absolutely serious side, you are only a few data registration via E have to enter-Mail or Facebook.

To be able to the single market of Web-Amor use you have to register before. The registration process is kept quite simple and in just few minutes completely done. After you have completed the registration, you will receive a confirmation e-Mail, the registration will be finalized. To Create this account, you need only click the sign in Button “new”. Then you will be redirected to the registration form where you need to enter the following data:

Your gender The gender you Your user name E-Mail address and password, place of residence looking for an inclusive zip code date of birth.

Once you have entered this data you simply need to click to confirm the Terms and conditions and on the Button “finish”. Alternatively you have the option, you an account using your Facebook profile to create. Regardless of which approach you use – registration is available on the Web Amor is very simple.

The tread design on the Web-Amor – built manifold .

No Fake Profiles You the Chance to customize your profile extensively get, Among other things, information on Hobbies, or the wish of the partner.

The tread design on the Web Amor is very extensive. There are virtually no Fake Profiles, and in terms of your own profile you get the opportunity to make in addition to some of the pictures, and also information to your partner or to your character. Also profile information in the free text are possible, so that you make your own profile design law is multi-faceted and a lot about to betray you can. In addition, Web-Amor has the “hit”. Here you can set what aspects are as important in a relationship, for example, the success, the Loyalty or the Humor of your potential new partner.

The contact members on the Web-Amor.

Guestbook for contacting members, sending messages, communication is not kept on the Web Amor is quite simply, special Features there are .

What is the contact of the members as on the Web Cupid, so there is a single stock exchange, however, quite a few functions. Only the guestbook and the ability to send emails to the contact. This is for a single exchange, but only a little. This also confirms the overall impression – other portals are superior in this regard. Web-Amor scores with the search function. This contains only the basic data, nevertheless the search for a suitable Chat falls-, flirting – and maybe even dream partner a lot easier.

The members of the structure in the case of Web-Amor.

Number of members: About 75,000 Several Thousand Users on a daily basis, The members of the relationship between women and men is around 55 : 45 (men and women)

In the case of the single-portal Web-Amor members are enrolled in the six-digit range. Estimated cavort over 75,000 Users on the page. As a member you did so, accordingly, a real Chance to find Singles in your area and make new contacts. The probability that you find the Partner for life, are on larger Dating sites with more active users, nevertheless, greater.

The mobile App of Web-Amor.

There is no App to Mobile view, which works smoothly Visually convinced the mobile Design, however as well little.

Web-Cupid is offering not App, is the latest in the rather outdated technical implementation of the portal. Both the Design and the technical realization are not optimal, nevertheless, the Flirt works over the phone without Further ADO. For this purpose, you need to open only your Browser, the address of the Web-enter Cupid, and then you can log in directly with your data .

Design and Performance of a single stock exchange Web-Amor.

Design and Performance are at the Dating site Web-Cupid on a rather low level. The Design looks outdated and the site needs more time, a little longer to load completely. In comparison with the more recent pages of Web-Amor is lagging behind with its Website, clearly. A modern, contemporary Portal looks different .

Experience report to Web-Amor.

The experience report for the single stock exchange Web is Amor behaviour. There are only a few features, the single market is technically and visually outdated, and it has no outstanding Features. However, the page is free of charge and everyone can look around without having an expensive subscription. Even if Web-Amor can not by its Design, especially the detailed Profile unless they are filled out completely, informing you about the interests and preferences of the other User. Even if the numbers of members is comparatively small, it can not be ruled out that you among the many likeable Singles not only good conversations, but also Dates, and a Web-Amor-Users to Fall in love with find.

If you Web not satisfied with Amor, you can like to look for Alternatives – our single stock markets-test winner know to convince with high quality. A look at our other test reports is worthwhile in any case and can get you to your suitable Partner is a significant step closer to.

Personal Recommendation.

Which Dating site is right for you?

Web-Amor Test September 2019 – oldschool or hip

We create You a free, personal recommendation.

Web-Cupid is a popular Dating site, to many Thousands of Singles frolic. Since 2007, the online Portal has more than ten years of experience, which speaks for itself. The site offers you the possibility to lead to some nice conversations and represents a casual pastime. The prospects of success, to find a Partner for life, however, are rather limited. Positive is the fact that there is no cost for the use apply. While there are some Fake Profiles, but their number is limited. Technically and visually, the operators have missed it, to bring the single market in a timely manner up to date. The page seems out of date and not particularly appealing. Nevertheless, you can lead one or the other Flirt and of course, the page is also suitable to Make new contacts. If you are looking for, however, a better quality site with higher chances of success, you’d do better with our single-stock exchanges-test winners to look over.

On the page a lot of advertising is displayed, the page is really reputable?

Web-Cupid is a absolutely legitimate a single exchange, when you have fun and flirt. The page is for more than 10 years online and has the necessary experience in the industry.

What are the chances of the single market Web to find Cupid Partner for life ?

The prospects of success are relatively low. On an outdated page, such as Web-Amor less User log in more. However, it is not unthinkable that you flirt as a registered User, and one or the other Date can find.

There is a mobile App?

An App for the Smartphone, there is not a Web-Amor. If you use the side of the road and with the many Singles flirt want, you have the mobile view on the Browser. This can be used by any common Smartphone and Tablet .

Since when exists Web-Amor?

The Dating site Web-Cupid since the year of 2007. The Portal thus has an experience of more than 10 years. This is an aspect that speaks in any case for the quality from the Portal .

What functions on the Web-Amor available?

On the single stock market of Web-Amor, there are some Features that you can use. So is it free to send messages, search for other profiles or to find Singles on the “hit function”. In addition, you can search for members that are currently online and available for an instant Chat available.

The parameters will change if I change the Regulator in the area of “What is important to me to the Partner” ?

In any case. Make sure you push the most important areas to the right. So you will make sure that this will be the strongest .

Is a cost associated with registration or can I use the single market for free ?

The site Web-Cupid is completely free to use. So you have to pay in the end, nothing, but can use all Features free of charge .

It is easy to create an account on the Web-Amor create?

This is absolutely simple and even if you are a beginner, you can with a few clicks create an account. For the Creation of two different methods are available to you: firstly, you can register via Facebook account. Also, you can also through your E-Mail address to set up a profile .

How long does it take to create an account?

This is of course different. More than five minutes should not take the registry, however, claim. Once you have the confirmation email is clicked, your account will be active and you can directly with the Flirting on your Web Amor to start.


How many Users are on Web-Amor logged?

On the Web Cupid, approx. 75000 registered users, several Thousand of them are online on a daily basis.

Thank you for your question. We will answer you as soon as possible .

Share your Web-Amor experience.

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