Travesta in the Test of 2019 Great Trans-Community, or the dead trousers

Travesta in the Test.

More than 120,000 Transgender, transvestite, Crossdresser, womens clothes, intersexual, Androgyne and family and friends have found together in Travesta, to meet, to exchange and to find friends. Whether, for whom and why the registration is worth it in this Queer Community, you can read in our Test.

At Travesta sign up.

Sign in to Travesta is free, easy and anonymous. After you enter a request name and E-Mail address, one gets, after a few moments an email with the temporary password and can get to the Filling out of the profile .

The profile has some pre-made questions and answers, it covers almost all identities and inclinations, and also allows free-text area for your own information: Whether you are transsexual, cross-dressers, women’s clothes or cross dressing – these and more sexual identities are stored here already. The focus of the profile on this platform is of course on the sexual orientation and sexual personality of the users: The default-information such as place of residence, birthday and appearance are of secondary importance.

The place of residence is specified with the first two postal code digits, the age in the answer categories, which are grouped in 5-year sections, and the appearance is sensed by hair color, eye color and shapes .


At Travesta everyone is Welcome. In the Queer Community of all Gender and sexual orientations are to be found. Also, straight people and vanillas are welcome here. Most of the Profiles are, however, TS and TG, as we have seen in our practice test. But also members who want to learn about the sexual identity of your family member and exchange, we have seen on Travesta .

Search and Find.

Who Travesta something or someone Specific searches, the search in several ways:

In the “Currently online” you will see all Online members with regard to your postcode area map of Germany with Austria and Switzerland, and summarizes the members ‘points, which are then sorted again after the first two postal code digits “New Profile” shows the last registrations on Travesta Under “New profile pictures” to find the Users who have a display picture uploaded to “New galleries” to find the last Uploads of photo albums, “Updated Profiles” list all Profiles, your profile editing data Profiles A to Z/ sex-sort according to these criteria, Profiles of pocket money shows the Profiles of the User, the financial interests have.

and “Profiles of REAL” excludes all members that have not verified their identity .

Moreover, as the base member the opportunity to search for the nick name of a user .

Fetish partners.

Not only sexual identity but also sexual inclinations and preferences can be discussed here. Whether Sadomaso, lacquer, leather and Latex, or else: Here, you can also find like-minded fetish partners, and men with a taste for TS, TV and DWT .

Wherein the aspect of Dating is not in the foreground here, is here for flirting, but also a lot of. Many of the Singles are here but more looking for exchange and friends.