The Repo Men Want More Than Your TV

Have you ever been late on your credit card, utility, or any other bills? You know the companies will be after you and hounding you to get those payments in on time. Imagine you’re in this situation. You had an organ transplant; the organs were manufactured and supposed to be top-notch, functioning machines to replace your failing organs. You’re on a payment plan to pay for this organ, but you’re late, a little over 90 days late. This is where The Repo Men come in.

Jude Law and Forest Whitaker star in this action-packed film where they are actual workers for the “Union” that sell the manufactured organs, and they repossess the organs from those that are late on their monthly payments. Sure the people have the option to go to a hospital to have it done, but only after they have been shot with a taser-gun by the Repo Men. So basically you could have your organs taken back from the Union in the middle of a street, during a meeting, or right in your own home without anesthesia.

This movie is not for the faint-of-heart if you get squirmy about seeing bodies being cut open. If that doesn’t bother, or better yet if that’s your thing, then you’ll love it. Just make sure you keep current with your payments on your bills, and you’ll be just fine. Make sure you stay current on your monthly payments for your organs, or the Repo Men will come after you.

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