Test 2019 – erotic seek and find

Sexfinder in the Test of September 2019.

International site with a focus on Webcams and erotic Big community of character, many members of Many advertising einbledungen Round-the-clock erotic experiences possible for Each user can be to the performers For heterosexual and homosexual suitable Trister the page is loading, partial load error in Videos men are in the Majority.

Registration Process: 5,0 /5 Contact: 4,0 /5 Profile Information: 4,0 /5 App: 4,0 /5 Practice Test: 3,5 /5.

Our Test Report.

Sexfinder is an erotic Portal focused on webcam and porn Amateur recordings is. The Portal is international, there are many members from the United States – the percentage of German members is lower than that of the Users from international countries. The main focus is on the use of the erotic Webcams, here, stream women and men from all countries. Around the clock people are active, which present themselves in an erotic manner and within the chat like to socialise.

Anyone who is registered here?

Surplus of men is tangible, women are often on-the-day online in Germany, even lower members of the Highest numbers of members number comes from the United States, Many of the Models registered.

In the case of Sexfinder clear men surplus. During the search for Livecams we could see that the men are in the Majority. Of the day there is to see more women, while in the night, gay couples, single men and hetero outweigh sexual couples. In model space there are the best opportunities to meet women .

Who are the Models on sexfinder.com are ?

There is Sexfinder is a difference between Models and normal members. Models professional users, offering webcam shows for money are. You have the option of a free video or a dressed free chat or paid to a Nude chat. The naked chat takes place in private and to give you the opportunity to come to the Model of your choice closer to .

The members of Cams are different, here, stream, members of Sexfinder, the free to decide whether you want to take it off or not. There are clearly logged more Models Sexfinder, the number of ordinary members is, above all, in Germany is still low. Still smaller is the number of those members who are not logged in, only to watch, but to the self-stream. Most of the members are from the USA or Asia.

The registration process.

Quick registration via E-Mail Headline for the profile mandatory, No Matching proposals, but camvorschau pictures uploaded content will be initially allowed FSK18 photos tested under certain conditions .

Sign in to Sexfinder is stating the E-Mail address. There are notifications and promotional emails, it is advisable to have a separate address for the use of Sexfinder create. In the course of the registration process, it is necessary that you select a Heading or short description for your profile. Otherwise, you can skip (theoretically) all the steps and you look around. Immediately after the application, the ability to get you to book a gold membership, however, this is not an obligation.

To edit the own profile is simple and easy to understand. You choose, in the section “My stuff”, the “profile edit” and you can get started right away. Note, however, that changes must always be confirmed by the Support. If you now have your text change or new photos upload, of Support looking at what you did.

If you have even more success with other users, you can verify your profile in two Ways. Method one requires that you upload a photo of you, you’re holding a shield with a previously generated number, and your user name in the Hand. This is the photo you send to the Support team, where an employee confirmed then .

Method two requires that you fill out a form with your personal information and then make a copy of your ID upload. You’ve done the checks of Support your information and your profile will then be marked especially. In this way, you give other users the security that is you to a real Person .

In the course of profile creation, you can also photos and Videos you upload, the be examined first. FSK18-photos are allowed, if you think you are to the terms and conditions of use. You naked can be seen, even sex toys are allowed. If another Person is to see on the profile picture, you have to have a couple of profile. The representation of animals and children in any Form is allowed. Also, Comics or anime will be deleted from the Support .


Contact IN the Chat messages (classic version) By Flirt tips come directly in contact send contact by Cam möglin.

In the case of Sexfinder, there are various ways on how you your To in contact can occur. The classic is still the message – but this is rarely used. Much more popular is can the IN Messenger, you can chat directly with a person. Is your To not online, you will be shown the message the next time you Login. If the other User is also online, you can chat directly with him or her, or a Cam to start.

If you’re shy or just attention want to generate, then you can send a Flirt. This is a symbolic gesture with a predefined Text that will be displayed to the other. In addition, you can also send gifts. These symbols are permanently displayed on the profile of the other and can be provided with a nice Text. The shipping of gifts is subject to a charge.

You have no desire to make a gift, you can also assign directly to a tip. This is converted into points, which you and your credits can buy. The Person receiving your gift will be directly informed about the gratuity, and receives Information of who the sender was.

If You like direct contact, can you make this also in the Chat or on Cam. The normal Chats are divided into numerous rooms, of heterosexual over homosexual, cities and more you can find here almost for each topic it’s own space. In the Cam you can choose whether you like to be alone with your Opposite erotic want to chat or if you have a group chat accept.

Profile information.

Many, open-hearted Profiles available Profiles only against the payment of visitable gold membership or cash payment possible preview in the Overview, present.

In the case of Sexfinder, you can look at other Profiles only if you pay for it. You have the choice to book a gold membership and visit every profile or to pay individually. Since you can distribute Sexfinder gratuities, and gifts, you can also charge money. With this credit you can pay for the activation of the Profiles. The individual circuit is relatively expensive – about 3 euros for a single profile visit is due. With a gold membership, you can visit permanently all the other Profiles. As a basic member you have no chance to see others Profiles .

If you use the search, you are shown Thumbnails of the results. You go with the mouse over a preview image, you get displayed the main profile information. The description and the application to it of other people popping up in a small extra window. Here you will find the Button for the profile visit. While the Mouseover is not displayed To registered a profile visit and the other Person is shown.

Most of the Profiles are very open-hearted and contain at least one detail-rich naked photo. Often, Videos are available, the FSK18-content show. If you want to see more, you can in the video chat the particular Person appear.

App exclusively for Apple’s Mobile site is also available for Android Complete FriendFinder sites similar to usable App a tinder version for adults registration via App is not possible.

The App FriendFinder (the company also Sexfinder), is offered only for iOS / Apple users. The Download is directly through the Website Sexfinder possible. To use you can also register on the FriendFinder network. For this purpose, the log data access from the FriendFinder network, so there must be not Sexfinder .

The App reminds us a bit of Tinder for adults. You will be shown photos of sexy members and you can pick and choose who you like and who is not. If you and your To both Like each other, you can get to know each other.

Android users have no App available, but can still use the mobile Version of Sexfinder. The page is not adjusted and optimized shown, the problems we had in the use of .

Practice test.

Sign in to Sexfinder works quickly and easily. Sexfinder is part of FriendFinder, an operator of several high-class erotic operates portals. So, too, AdultFriendFinder, for instance, to this group of companies.

Our first impression was not entirely positive, because the Design is somewhat outdated and boring. An eye-catcher is the preview images, the present in its full glory, everything, what you want to see erotic friends were. Unfortunately, there is no possibility of over 18 content on FSK16-content switch.

After we’d created our profile very carefully, we had to wait about 12 hours, until the Videos and photos were released. The Support appears to be generally very competent, however, only gold members are guaranteed within 12 hours for a response.

Contacting other members is more difficult for grassroots members – here there is only the Chat that is available. Nevertheless, a high level of communication willingness, especially on the part of the Models. The aim of the Models is to lure users in front of the Cam and to make to the Camshows. Real Meeting with Models in our experience, is not possible. Also, the normal users are logged on mainly to present in front of the Cams, or to be spectators. Female, date-ready members, we have taken in the Test, unfortunately, only a few .

Who is logged in to Sexfinder should adjust to the fact that it is a Portal, which was primarily created for online pleasure. This pleasure is also the greatest strength of SexFinder. There is a lot to look at, many voting opportunities, and also viewers, if you’re ready to show yourself .

The Design.

The Design of Sexfinder is acceptable, however, quite plain and almost drab. We have not felt visually particularly addressed, however, the many erotic Thumbnails Lust for more. However, the functionality is very good, most pages load within a few seconds and rarely it comes to default. Only in the case of the Transfer of some model Cams there were difficulties, because the images were not invited is always equal to or asynchronous transfer. The Refresh of the browser helped, but in most cases, .