Slave Central in the Test of 2019 – sugar bread and whip

Slave Central in the Test of 2019 - sugar bread and whipSlave Central in the Test of 2019 - sugar bread and whip

Slave Central in the Test of 2019 - sugar bread and whip

The slave Central unit in the Test-slave Central in the Test.

Sugar bread and whip! Whether Sub or Dom, Lord, or slave-in: Anyone looking for its BDSM counterpart, may try his fortune in the slave headquarters, more than 200,000 members are registered in Germany, the BDSM-interested or are experienced. However, the slave is indicated in Central. The reason: Too many pornographic, adult content without age verification to access. The slave Central is not for the faint of heart. Whether, and for whom the registration is worthwhile, nevertheless, we have tested for you .

In the case of the slave Central register.

Anyone who wishes to register for can do this easily on the home page. For registration you need only an E-Mail address, to which you immediately receive a “Verification Number” as well as an activation link will be sent. Both of which you can use to verify your registration .

P. S.: Who has the beginnings, the difficulties, of the found under “Info & contact” Video Tutorials, in which the essential features are shown and explained.

The Slave Central Profile.

Apart from the usual personal details (age, place of residence, and gender) are also detailed information on appearance and inclinations are possible. Mind you, you can decide at any indication, for whom this Information is visible. You can choose between “private”, “public”, “visible to friends” or “friends of friends visible” .

Slave Central in the Test of 2019 - sugar bread and whip

Slave Central in the Test of 2019 - sugar bread and whip

It is recommended that the information as completely as possible so that you can also find a suitable Partner for his erotic adventure .

Preferences, proclivities and fetishes to choose from a long list, also you can D-/S-Status-and -wishes cards.

In the practical test has shown that the majority of users fill out their Profiles very rich and most of the information is also publicly displayed. It is clear why: With the amount of fetishes that are represented on the slave Central, you can save the profile information, a lot of time in finding the right fetish partner. Most of the users upload photos that show their fetishes. The profile photos are mostly quite adult, otherwise it looks in the galleries .

Fetish partners.

Those who look for a fetish partner, in the case of the slave Central different ways to find matching pieces:

On the profile search : you can search by age, height, weight, gender, zodiac sign, and sexual orientation, relationship status, and fetishes and inclinations. Also, a radius search is possible. The Matcher can be evaluated daily for up to 25 Profiles with “Fits”, “Later” or “not Fit”. You like each other, it is a hit and you will be notified about it. Under the “companionship” you will find requests from people, the escorts, or partners for Events, parties, or similar search On the map, you can look for regional Events and regular tables In the area of the classified ads can be placed for 10 days applications of any kind: Whether for leisure or financial interests, here you can find everything in the personal ads On the artist pages, you can interact with other Fans of well-known models or photographers In the slave headquarters, you can also find in the professional directory lists: you must also have no sexually-oriented profession, no: Here IT-ler, Sex, but also lawyers and artisans are listed. In the Chat you can chat directly with other users, or publicly with other talk In the Forum is discussed in the respective Threads about current topics and General settings, and exchanged, here you can easily find like-Minded people .

The Slave Central Community.

The Community area of the slave Central unit is large and varied, finally, fetishists of any kind come here at their expense.