Reif6 Test September 2019 Real women, or rip off

Reif6 in the Test of September 2019.

Reif6 advertises with the offer to provide many of the more Mature ladies with a sexual interest in young men. In addition to the classic Dating features both Webcam and phone sex will be offered. In our Test, we have to go today to ask if you can meet in Reif6 actually more Mature women, and what there is to do .

quick login directly on the page a few mandatory details required, no Facebook-Account required unlimited Upload of profile pictures age check for adult content, 30 free Coins in the case of confirmation of the mail address Dr. Match Welcome Service for men.

The Sign clearly goes quickly: Within two minutes You start. In addition to a nick name and Your email address, You only need to provide Your age, gender and postal code. A Facebook Account is not necessary.

Reif6 Test September 2019 Real women, or rip off sexual interest in young men

A edit and complete Your profile at any time. Photos will be reviewed within a short period of time and unlocked. After confirmation of Your E-Mail, You will receive a one-time 30 Coins as a start-up credit for Webcam-services.

When you first Login, You will get a taste of the “Dr. Match Welcome Services”, of the automatically in Your name “kisses” and friend requests to the people in Your search grid send to Your new profile to. This function will only be offered to men and is free.

Adult content, such as, for example, Webcamsex offers and the display of XXX-profile pictures require age verification. For this, You will be offered two options: immediately Ident (through the provider of instant Bank transfer) or sending us a photos of You with ID and a debit or credit card to the customer support.


150,000 members extremely high density of Animators hardly any couples or transsexuals.

The operator refers in its terms and conditions on the publication of Your profile on other, operated by the portals. As a result, a high level of user-generated number .

We found on the female side, however, the vast majority of which (C) is marked, as well as umgekennzeichnete animators. In addition, Reif6 holding out the promise mainly of “Mature women” in the offer: The age structure is, in our view, in about the same as with other pages of the provider. Reif6 Test September 2019 Real women, or rip off Mature women
In the male-dominated real Profiles, which have a paid membership – recognisable by a crown in the preview image .

Occasionally, we also found couples and transsexual, these form but a small minority in Reif6. The Portal is aimed mainly at heterosexual men and women.

meaningful Profiles, Upload profile pictures, there is no identity check of the members are not identified limited Professional completely .

The Profiles in Reif6 give You a good Overview of all of the physical and optical information about the Person. In addition to the mandatory information such as age, gender, and the first two Numbers of the postal code information on appearance, interests, and preferences can be made. Reif6 Test September 2019 Real women, or rip off sorted and delivered adventurous results
A personal Touch to the business card part gets through the “question & answer”: Here, questions such as “What are the 3 things You’d take to a desert island can be?” or “What are the positive characteristics You want would You most emphasize?” in the free-text answers. A positive point of view, we can also highlight the unlimited Upload of profile pictures, which – apart from XXX-images – visible for all Users .

Worth mentioning is also the “match check” what You at-a-glance compatibility in the area of age, figure, radius, and gender on the basis of Your settings check can.

If You pull real Meeting into consideration, You should make sure that the lady is neither a (C) in front of the user name or other contact ways, such as, for example, “Call” will be offered .

Contact the manufacture.

Contact the Professional via phone, SMS, and Cam possible a wide range of options in advanced search, contact for men’s paid search results will not be sortable radius option is error-prone.

To find matching Profiles, they will be offered two different search forms: quick search is limited to gender, age range and distance. In addition, you can search for Online users and new applications. The advanced search offers a wide range of optical and personal Filters. Unfortunately, the results were not sorted and delivered adventurous results in the perimeter area. There are members from all Parts of Germany interspersed were independent of the chosen distance .

The animators are marked with a (C) in front of the nick name. However, once the contact options “Call”, “Webcam” or “SMS” write to be offered, is also expected to commercial interests. In the terms and conditions of a personal Meeting with these users to be excluded .

To contact directly via the “send message”Button on the profile of the counterpart. We were also able to send “kisses” to make it interesting for the users attention.

Reif6 Test September 2019 Real women, or rip off Your contacts You can in

Your contacts You can in the friends and favorites categories and unwelcome users via E-Mail to the operator report. A function to Ignore other users ‘ does not exist.


easy to use good mobile website bad search results.

At first glance, the operation of Reif6 opens up to us: The website is in use without much explanation right away easy to use and offers a clear outline. When in doubt, a help section, which offers information about the main features and possible Asked have answered.

Neither Google nor Apple provide in their official Stores Apps for the Portal, the mobile Version of the website is, however, clear and meets your purpose.

Big Downer, the search is, however, especially in the case of the radius option. We had the impression, that they ignored our input complete.

Reif6 Test September 2019 Real women, or rip off profile pictures, which

The result of this is the prominent listing of users from the other corner of Germany, despite the small distance was .

Practice test.

intuitive, self-explanatory Interface mobile page easy to use news search exclusively from persons with financial interests useless perimeter.

Immediately after registration, we received an incredible number of kisses, messages, and friend requests. The sender of the interior – believed to be all Professional, and tried only about 50% of “Mature” – to us immediately to a paid Cam to direct services .

Many members were online, but in the vast majority of ladies with financial interests. The other female users, which could possibly be genuine, had virtually no photos or further information in their profiles.