Pietro Lombardi After fierce Tattoo-criticism, a clear Statement to his Hater!

Pietro Lombardi After fierce Tattoo-criticism, a clear Statement to his Hater!

The negative comments don’t want to let the singer sit up Since the beginning of the month Pietro Lombardi has a new Tattoo on his neck. But his Fans react so negatively to the latest body jewelry, so that the singers would not have anticipated. Our world is fast-paced. So why should you wait for perfect chilled and sparkling or boiling hot water?

Remedy the GROHE water systems GROHE Blue and GROHE Red create here. They deliver invented the perfect taste, and 100°C hot water directly from the tap “water re -“! Pietro Lombardi , 25, is in the real Tattoo -fever. He recently had a large image on his forearm stinging, now the singer ventured once again to the tattoo artist. But the body paint is for his Fans not good at all…

With this reaction, Pietro Lombardi would not have anticipated. “Family, Faith, love” – these three words adorn most recently, the neck of the singer. What strikes you immediately – the words are wrong. And it stayed like this for his Fans also didn’t go unnoticed.

Full crooked Looks as if Alessio Was most stung stung myself, unfortunately, so beautiful, it hails criticism of the Instagram followers. But at least since the separation of Sarah Lombardi, 25, has Pietro a thick skin when it comes to criticism of his Person. However, the most recent Hater-comments exceed for his taste, apparently, a limit.

The hostility does not want to let the former American idol winner to sit up and pulls back to counter strike. People Al Pacino Is A Lifelong Bachelor But Also A Father Of 3 , I’ve noticed that one or the other of my new Tattoo do not like. This is not a Problem, but keep your comments for you, because this Tattoo has a special meaning, makes it clear that the 25-Year-old. The Tattoo is exactly, as Pietro has presented. But what is the significance behind the new body paint is plugged in, does not reveal the father: “I know that it is a bit wrong, but that is by design, since there is an Original and it was crisp, 1 to 1. The Person who wrote the Original, is to me and my family heart.

I know you small,“ said Pietro. His buddy, Kay-One, 33, seems to know more and commented on the photo: “I know the story Bro… respect!!!” Also, most of the Fans of Pietro stand behind him and give the singer much acclaim : It is not don’t give a shit whether you like it people. The most important thing is that YOU like it, because for you it has meaning and you’re wearing it!

Pietro… to justify you not for what you are doing!!!!! There are very special words and I find it hard to comment, the Followers, the Statement of the singer. In this popular one way or the other criticism is for Pietro Lombardi probably quickly forget. What do you think of the Statement?

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