Base Chat Test September 2019 – Flirt on the phone

Base Chat in the Test of September 2019.

Base Chat is a founded in 2010, the Voice Community with just under 154,000 dialysis users. The operator provides fixed-line numbers for various countries, you will be automatically connected with a random other user to make phone Calls. In addition to the German dial-in numbers, an Arab, an English, or a Kurdish phone-Chat takes place, for example. When on the phone, no additional costs through Base Chat, you only pay the usual Tariff of the network provider. The App also offers the ability to create a profile and to chat with other users and to flirt. There is over 1000 users are almost constantly online. But Singles have a real Chance to find a Partner? How serious is the Portal? We have tested it for you .

Log in to Base to Chat To the Phone is needed, no Account !

No registration phone Chat registry in the App in a few minutes, Channels for different nationalities.

To make Calls via Base Chat registration is not required. Simply the specified number to choose and you’re ready to go – you have the choice for the German, the Austrian, the Swiss, the Arab, the Turkish, English and Kurdish Chat. Also logging in to the App is completed in a few steps. The selection of a nickname and your E-Mail address and setting a password are mandatory. The definition of a profile picture and a description are not necessary.

The design of the profile in the Base Chat App.

Just a picture in profile, possible networking with Social Media channels profile the evaluation of Base Chat by karma points.

By the number you can detect whether a user has behavior in the past, or whether this (was reported in the case of negative Karma) have been frequent and blocked. After completed application, the profile can be designed more or less individually. Unfortunately, only a picture in the profile in the App is possible. The description in the Bio must not be more than 150 characters in length. Otherwise, you can specify your gender and your date of birth and various Social Media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube link.

In order for your profile in the proposals in the Chat is displayed at the top, and thus, many users have seen, is a paid Boost is needed. In addition, particularly interesting in the profile: The karma points. By the number you can detect whether a user has behavior in the past, or whether this (was reported in the case of negative Karma) have frequently blocked and .

The Base Chat Community.

Group chat only when you make or receive Calls, no chat forums Constantly many people online phone chat for different nationalities.

It takes a look at the proposed Chat Partner, you’ll find a colorful mix of users.

The Profiles of the men are particularly dominant. We found in our Test, numerous minors, as well as older participants. After a “real” Community close together, and as found in other portals, searches here in vain. Since there are no forums or group rooms, each for himself alone. Without a Premium Account, the search of individuals is not only very time-consuming, but almost impossible. Nevertheless, it should be noted, in any case, positively, that there is always a lot going on, and you can also find very easily people of Turkish or Arab origin .

The contact at the Base Chat.

Quick change of conversation partner in the carousel Chat and match similar to Tinder Private, free phone calls in the App.

The possibilities for Base Chat contact the limited, but also very simple. You don’t want to talk to the random selected Person in the phone Chat, you simply press the 0 on the screen of your mobile phone and you’ll be on to the next User passed to the function is called the carousel. If you are a user like this can be in the App by a Like shown – is it your exactly a Match. This function is very reminiscent of classic Dating Apps such as Tinder. If no blockage is present, each may write to any other Person and in the Chat pictures and send texts. Especially practical: You can also have a private phone conversation with your chat partner, without that your phone number is displayed. That is, in this Form, in almost any other App!

The membership structure of the Base Chat Only Fakes or real people?

Mitlglieder from every age group, more men than women, Many fake profiles are Constantly hundreds of potential chat partners online.

It is not excluded that in the case of Base Chat to a nice User, with more than just a virtual entertainment. Since, as already mentioned, especially in the phone Chat many fun birds are on the move, the chances, unfortunately, are not enough of them right off the bat with a potential (Flirt)Partner. You buy, however, the Premium Version can more specifically be restricted, and a Flirt with people near you, nothing stands in the way. Since all age groups are represented, the possibility that everyone will find what he is looking for is potentially. As a woman, you have it much easier – our female test profile had after only a few minutes to numerous requests of the male User.
Fake Profiles are usually also reveal easily as such: shady descriptions in the profile and photos of Celebrities quickly show which profile not a real Person.

Special Features.

Free Phone Chat and Match function is very similar to other Apps, Both random selection of a conversation partner, as well as private and group calls.

The unique characteristic of Base Chat is clearly the free phone Calls through the landline access numbers – no matter whether with a Stranger or a chat partner, you before better met. The other features are rather average and in other Apps, and chat portals similar to and even better version available. What looks both in the App and on the Website, such as a range of fun Games that can be directly at the Base Chat tried, is deceptive. The games and suggestions to forward to other pages and in the App Store and nothing are, therefore, more than advertising.

The Base Chat App: Chat and match.

Appealing Design and Flawless technical implementation of Shuffle-chat mode is a lot of fun.

You have to be running bought from once, the Premium Version of both the Chat and the match smoothly, and there are some Users who write both polite, as well as interested to find. It is to be noted that, in the Stores of Apple and Google, two Base Chat versions are available. The App with the Golden Logo is the flaps in the current, on the all of the functions described here. The App with the grey Logo simply refers to the newer range and is, therefore, for new users superfluous. The Design of the Base Chat App you have to make compromises .

All important functions are clearly arranged and also the color selection is appealing. Here, every newbie can find his way quickly and it can start immediately!

Who Flirting on the phone, the Phone is not so important, you should look at the best we have tested Dating Apps .

Our Experience Report.

The phone function distinguishes the Portal from its competitors significantly. Makes it a lot of fun and is a little reminiscent of Chatroulette, without the image. Those who want to pass the time, and with the variety of persons would like to chat, is here gold correct. Dating Chat Base is not suitable. By the free admission of phone chat and the App is worth a visit, in order to create an own image of the Community. You want to fall in love again instead of just small talk to keep? Then rather look at a tried and true single market over.

Personal Recommendation.

Which Dating site is right for you?

We create You a free, personal recommendation.

Costs and prices.

Duration / Credits / Coins cost per month total Base Chat Premium / week / month.

The phone in the carousel, in the party room and in private chat login and profile position in the App, Other users can like other users to chat.

Users in the App filters (age, gender, distance, number of images) profile to other User-visible advertising make free use See, of whom one was liked earn badges.

With the mobile App Store.

A payment is only a credit balance in App-Stores.

For the use of the standard features of Base Chat with no cost incurred. You pay only for what occurs anyway when on the phone with your network provider on a call on the landline. In the meantime, many treaties no longer include calls to a landline in the flat rate – that should be checked. To be successful in finding a matching chat partner in the App, itself, one of the premium offerings to the Filter unlock. Otherwise, users of every age and gender will be in Shuffle mode. The you have chosen memberships are not automatically renewed. For€ 6.99 you can get a Premium Account for 24 hours to activate. In order to be for other user-visible Base Chat also offers Boosts, but they are very expensive. To be profile place 15 minutes at the top of the Chat-suggestions-to-10€ due.

Overview of the costs for the Boost:

– Base Chat Boost 15 Minutes: 9,99€

– Base Chat Boost 30 Minutes: 12,99€

– Base Chat Boost, 60 Minutes: 19,99€

The conclusion of our Tests is to Base the Chat is growing. The use and phone Calls with users from the whole of Germany is fun, but a lot of people who want to allow only a joke cavort here.
In addition, many users are under the age of 18 years old. Technically, the application is working properly, and the instructions given for handling, are easy to understand. In the phone Chat, you will remain completely anonymous – the profile of the App can be added in addition to a Nickname, but also photos and a description. In the App, the selection of chat partners is huge, however no filtering of the user without a Premium Account. Base Chat addresses not only Singles, but also people who are just looking for a nice entertainment. Especially teenagers use Chat Base only for entertainment, with many users not a normal contact can be established. As a woman, the risk to be with Sexanfragen bothered there is also. If you’re in search of a Partner, should you your luck in the case of a single exchange attempt.


What is Base Chat ?

Base Chat is Germany’s largest telephone Chat Community, offering free dial-in numbers for the anonymous phone calls, a App to chat. The users come from all over Germany and the Chats are available in different languages.

Since when there is Base Chat?

Base Chat there are since 2010 and is a deal of chat house.

What karma points are ?

On the basis of the karma points to see how “good” a user in the past, in the Base Chat App has. It adds information such as a profile description, there are plus points. You will be blocked, however, by other users (for instance due to harassment), Karma deducted.

Who is logged on to Base Chat ?

In the case of Base Chat members from all age groups and from all over Germany and of different origin are to be found. Many of the Users are below 18 years of age. In addition, the anonymity of the phone is in need of chat is often abused. In addition to Singles also, people looking for nice conversations, the abuse by Sexanfragen can also not be excluded .

I think in the case of Base Chat a lot of Fake Profiles?

By the simple registration and the anonymity of some of the Fake Profiles found on the Base Chat.
In addition, Base Chat is also needs for prank calls miss.

What is Base Chat costs ?

The use of Base Chat is for free. It is only the cost of the network operator. Also, the Chat – like feature of the App can be free to be used. For the filtering of users there is a need for a Premium Account, which costs in the month, almost 20€ .

How can I pay for Base Chat ?

The App can only be used by the Account in the App and Play Stores paid. The amount will be deducted from your credit balance .

Security and privacy.

Base Chat is really anonymous?

When making Calls with the Base Chat to your own phone number is displayed. You act so completely anonymously. In the App you can sign in with a Nickname, and both personal photos as well as a description may be added. Attention: young people, users of YouNow prank phone calls often and publish them later on the Internet. It is therefore not exclude that conversations will be broadcast live on the Internet .

Base Chat the youth is free?

To whom will you meet in Shuffle mode, is pure coincidence. So it can be used both to call for phone sex, even swear words, and insults are not uncommon. Similarly, the chat function of the App.

Thank you for your question. We will answer you as soon as possible .

Parts of your Base-Chat experience.

Here’s genuine Singles share your experience with Base Chat. If You want to share your experiences, did you have a Chance here:

Thanks for your experience report. After editorial review we will publish it here .

Base Chat Reviews.

Hello dear Team, I use the App for a few weeks and I’m getting on with the filter function. Clearly, in the phone carousel, some anarchists are . but let’s be honest, it also makes a lot of fun! “”