The Power of Internal Images

The media is full of images of celebrities who one week appear lying fat and bloated on a beach and a few short weeks later are back looking lean and toned on the red carpet. Or of celebrity mothers who a couple of weeks after giving birth are back looking thinner and fitter than ever. There is a reason for this; these women have an army of personal trainers, dieticians and health gurus giving them the best care money can buy. In other words, they are not living in our real world full of real women of all shapes and sizes… and yet… we are led and influenced rather too much by their culture that is ‘Celebrity’.  Having said that, there are some celebrities who are what I would consider to be ‘normal, and it is those women’s stories that I have found inspirational in the past.  I think if you are anything like me, then you know that as women we like to feel part of a particular community or group of people, whilst maintaining our own individuality. To have a sense of belonging and acceptance of others around us is part of what makes us female and human.  If you can relate your life to someone else’s (be it celebrity or more commonly just people you come across in life), a connection is made and a mutual respect and appreciation is then borne. 

Aspiring to other people is no bad thing… unless of course the aspiration is unrealistic (as it often is in the world of Celebrity). You don’t actually need to look at the glossy magazines or on the television to create a picture of how you think you may like to look.  Did you know that we all have a self portrait image of ourselves in our ‘mind’s eye’? Your very own movie screen. The problem is that this picture can often be very different to what you see in the mirror.  It is important to know and understand YOUR self image (the picture of yourself on the inside), because it is that picture which is responsible for how you operate from day to day.  Put another way… If you hold a picture in your mind’s eye of yourself as a big person with lumps and bumps in all the wrong places, then you are creating a sense of negativity from within yourself. Your attempts to achieve weight loss will always be hampered and made difficult, because the picture of the person you would like to be on the outside are being distorted by your ‘internal images’. Your internal pictures are always the strongest driver and the image that you will always revert back to. This internal picture also relates to all other areas of your life, so it will not only stop you achieving the body you want to have, it will also stop you being the person you want to be and will limit how successful you can be in all other parts of your life. So in order to overcome any negativity that you may be creating from within you, you need to make your internal image of yourself the kind of person you desire to be. For me that would be strong, slim, successful and funny! Try it for yourself, you will be amazed about the power that comes from within, it will soon have your internal movie playing on the outside in the real world.