No Strings Attached Review-September 2019 – it tingles

quality playback, while private Videos

No Strings Attached in the Test of September 2019.

No Strings Attached describes itself as a Community of women and men in search of discreet, erotic contacts can go. According to the vendor these are to be found particularly quickly – we were able to confirm in the Test. What is the focus of this Dating portal is on the home page to be identified quickly. The big love is here sought is very rare, usually people are looking for a sex date, a fling or erotic online fun.

No Strings Attached makes no secret of the intentions of its members. As a Community, we would call the Portal, this is rather a Dating portal sexual Dating and more. At registration, you can specify whether it is Single or, in fact, assigned – Sex, and Flirts are here looking for a very different people .

Registration and profile creation.

quick registration with E-Mail address and password will be automatically generated and sent by Mail profile sent to position can be done automatically For a perfect profile 20 images are required for basic members can only view 10 Profiles per day .

The registration with No Strings Attached and is done within minutes. A current E-Mail address is required. According to the FAQ of the operators, the indication of the E-mail address serves as a fake protection, however, is not the common practice. It is pointed out in the FAQ that in the case of misuse of the site is trying to make the Fake User is able to identify. This is rather a well-intentioned Bluff, because the page is provided with some Fakes .

The profiling itself is afloat by Hand. If you don’t want to create a Text of your own, you can select the standard questions, and even by the System to respond. It will then generate an automatic profile text that can be displayed in the profile. Profiles without a profile text are not allowed, a minimum of 50 characters are required at check-in. The profile can be completed in seven sections:

Personal information about site Physical information about the life style hit, photos, Videos.

Include personal information about the Person and the desired type of contact. Here, you can which gender is wanted is specified, or if a Romance, a friendship or a friends with benefits is desired. The site displays other members, as far as a profile owner, of self-removed lives. In the area of the physical information, the key information will be given to the appearance. Body size, penis size and other questions will be answered here.

As a Lifestyle-information, those that describe the own interests. This can be specified in the range of the profile. In the section hit is now specified exactly how the perfect contact should look like. The two sections of photos and Videos are upload suitable images or to delight the community with their own Videos. At least 20 photos are needed so that you can reach the profile progress of 100 percent .

Profile information.

Female Profile better filled than male Mostly photos and Videos with Little Text, often pre-defined text profile may be subject to a charge are boosted boost profiles can be colored E-mail.

There are significantly more male than female Profiles, however, the woman filled out profiles are better and thus more meaningful. Here are the lyrics and also details of the desired partner find themselves more freely. About 80 percent of all Profiles, however, contain no Text, but only Videos and photos. Unfortunately, the base members are not visible, only the Thumbnail is displayed. The base members also have the opportunity to visit all the Profiles – only ten pieces can be displayed per day .

Premium users can even decide whether you want to open your profile for basic members. With the function “open the door”, have released the profile and the base members can see it. Without a premium membership it is not possible at any time Videos or photos on a different profile .

To boost your profile to the top, must be purchased one additional function. Optionally, for a period of one month or three months, the profile is displayed then preferred. In addition, the ability to have prominent members of your E-Mails in terms of color, if you want to send.

Mail address

We have observed very many fake profiles, and lock profiles, aimed at arousing interest in a premium membership. Unfortunately, it is always possible to open with a ‘disposable address’ a fake account, the protection is so poor. It is possible, however, to report a profile, in the Test there is nothing, however, came out of it and the Support has not responded to our message .


Contact by Mail can send Instant contact via sending flirt messages comment function for video Chat with Webcam, it is possible Only to premium members messages .

In order to use the messaging feature, a premium account is essential. Basic members can’t leave comments on Videos and no messages to send. Most of the female members reply very quickly, in particular if it is active Camgirls. The best contact opportunities there are for viewers of the Webcams. Here may be with the Sender for chatting, private Chats are for premium users. If a profile looks nice, it can be added to the favorites list. If you feel that someone unappealing or distracting, he or she can be blocked .

You will be contacted with No Strings Attached rather rare – if there are fake profiles or professional model, you want to generate attention. Unfortunately, there is no matching proposals, however, there is the possibility of members from the environment. No Strings Attached, it allows each member to set whether the place of residence will be displayed or not.

Special Features.

Webcam erotic.

The webcam erotic plays in No Strings Attached a Central role here, according to experience, is going on the most. A distinction is made between private providers and professional Models. Private users can at any time transfer your own Webcam and so with the other users communicate. Here, it is not possible to earn money with the Transfer, this is only for fun.

The professional Models tend to be Tokens to buy and are willing to you like to a private chat. The quality of the Webcams, the two areas also differ significantly. While private Transfers are of very inferior quality, the Model is Cams much better to watch.

Design, functionality and usability.

The Design of the No Strings Attached has us unfortunately not being able to convince. The page is plain, colorless, and the Thumbnails of different Videos, and Webcams are not very erotic in the scene. Everything looks a little plump, strung together and loveless. The functionality is in most areas, only in the webcam area, and in the case of the video transmission, there are points of criticism. Professional videos even in HD-quality playback, while private Videos are part of a very poor quality. All in all, No Strings Attached, however, is a stable Website that works very well. To use the page is also simple, the profile is explained in detail step by step, there is a FAQ section and Support is available by E-Mail also available.

There is no No Strings Attached App, since erotic Content is forbidden in the App Stores. Over the phone, the Portal is yet in the mobile Version.

Practice test.

With No Strings Attached a erotic-influenced site, which consisted partly of real members, but very often also of decoys and professional stream inside waiting for us. The application we felt as very pleasant and easy, the profiling also. Slightly annoying was that you have to get is unlikely to be able to an overview Page, without having to buy a premium account. Not even the visit to the other profiles is possible. The contact the joy of the other is therefore not just try it out once, the news just writes a premium member.

No String Attached is definitely not suitable for the search of a serious relationship, who wants to be registered here in the as a rule erotic fun or Sex. Many of the members are not, according to our experience with online fun satisfied, the intention to a real Meeting, have all the users. On the profiles you can see very quickly who has what intentions, most of the webcam girls not to make their profiles only advertising your stream, but go on any Dates .

Dealing with the other members is casual and friendly. In the webcam chats, it is very spicy, to the point, who doesn’t like clear words, is out of place here. Also shown here is more than hidden, the Camshows have a clear, erotic orientation, only a few stream indoor use Camoption as a primary point of contact.