Image Consultant Mistakes Celebrities Make


Image consultant services can help celebrities, artists, poets, actors, and people from other creative fields. If you’re an artist, you’re clearly interested in your craft, but that does not necessarily mean you will be successful at marketing yourself. The fact that Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, and millionaire artist Jeff Koons all used image consultants speaks for itself. This article addresses the three mistakes celebrities make when using an image consultant.


The first mistake celebrities make is failing to hire an image consultant during the developmental stage of their career. Once you hit the spotlight people are talking about you all the time. Photographers will be taking photos of you. Your image will be on the internet, on television, and in magazines and newspapers. Why leave it up to chance? You’ve seen celebrities who look terrible. Don’t let it happen to you.

If you’re on your way up, don’t forget to ask for help from a professional. Mick Jagger knew how to sing and how to promote his songs. He also knew how to dress. But he wanted more success. Can you believe it, this multi-platinum artist wanted more. So what did he do? He promptly hired an image consultant. When Keith Richards found out, he hired one too.

The first mistake celebrities make, failing to hire a consultant during the developmental stages of their career, is easy to fix. The second mistake is a bit harder to correct.


The second mistake celebrities make is thinking they know it all when it comes to their image. Take, for example, a celebrity who is an A-list actor. He thinks he knows what to wear, what kind of car to drive, and how to act in public. Yet the media makes a mockery of his life.
They portray the man as a clown. If only he had talked with someone and gotten some advice.

There are countless artists on their way up who think they know everything about how to act and dress. This attitude comes from the first flush of success. Success is a sweet feeling and makes you think you’re invincible. Also these artists are usually young, and they have high hormone levels, often giving them overconfidence. Don’t let that happen to you. Look at the countless celebrities who have made mistakes with their image. I don’t have to list them, I’m sure you know who I mean. Many of them could have profited from objective advice.

The second mistake is not so easy to deal with because if you think you know everything, you’re less likely to consider talking with someone who can really help you. Keep in mind that almost everyone who runs for president hires a political consultant. Political consultants are essentially image consultants, except that they focus on the image of candidates running for office. If a presidential candidate can use a political consultant, doesn’t it stand to reason that an artist can use an image consultant when starting in his career?

It is not always easy to step back and ask for advice, especially when you are having success.
Some people feel that asking for advice is a weakness. Actually, the opposite is the case. It is a sign of strength and wisdom to ask for objective feedback. Up-and-coming politicians do it all the time. So do men and women elected to high office. There’s a lesson to be learned from these politicians. Just as a politician can make use of a consultant, so can an artist or celebrity make use of an image consultant. Hopefully this comparison will convince you that the second mistake celebrities make, thinking they know it all, can be overcome.


The final mistake celebrities make is failing to research a consultant before they hire him. An image consultant doesn’t need a license, like an attorney or a physician. It is a good idea to ask the consultant if he has done any research into artists and creative people. Only a consultant with such a background can help you reach your full potential.

It is not difficult to research consultants. Google their name and see what you find. Also, talk with them on the phone and ask if they do their work based on hunches or whether they work from research. The latter, of course, is preferable.


New York has more celebrities than any other city, even Los Angeles: writers, painters, poets, musicians, actors, politicians, directors, Broadway stars, and more. That is why a New York artist will find himself facing more competition than artists living elsewhere. It is crucial that a New York artist seek out a competent image consultant, even if only to get some quick feedback on wardrobe. With such advice you will have greater confidence and will find that success seems to seek you out.

Copyright (c) 2010 William Cane