Fish-head Test in 2019, the North-German love happiness or Dummtüch

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Fish head in the Test.

You live in Hamburg, Bremen or Oldenburg? You’re still the love of your life and the life possible in your area? Then you are at the fish head in the right place.

Even if the Portal can’t compete with the top dogs among the Dating sites, is well worth the registration for the Nordic Singles quite. Fish head has existed since 2003, it is considered to be the largest single market in the North of Germany and can have over 430.000 members. Measured on quite a small use of space that is a lot of.

Particularly exciting is the regular over-30 parties, where you come face-to-face, the market views .

Members of the structure.

Our fish head experience have clearly shown that a surplus of men is available. However, if you notice at the time of search, there are still a number of women from Northern Germany, trying in this platform your luck .

The average age is between 25 and 30, a small upturn is to be held beyond the 45 years. We are on a few Profiles whose owners 50 or older, and upon the great love waited pushed. The broad age range makes the fish head is more attractive, because here people can fall in love of all ages .

Registration process and profile creation.

In fish head, you can register simply by choosing a user name and your E-mail address you specify. You’ll be asked from what place you come when you’re born and what is the password to secure your Account. Will be unlocked on your profile until you have confirmed the email sent to. With us, you landed in the Spam folder, therefore, you should have a look, if you don’t Post get.

Registration via Facebook is not possible, so you have to enter your data manually .

The free profile is already quite versatile, the page works here, but due to advertising overload banner. Cleaner it is with the gold fish version. In order to become a gold fish, you pay a relatively small monthly amount. The functions are expanded, and others, you can use all of the Chat rooms, the single search and expand a message filter set.

The profile can be fitted very extensive, however, the tread design is a bit confusing. The following sections can be edited:

The largest category of the profile texts are, here you have numerous possibilities, the other something about yourself to tell. Your description is allowed to be 1500 characters long, for the following categories, you have 500 characters available:

I like / I don’t like to dream partner profession / activity free time / Hobbies I like to eat I like to drink I like to hear I like to read I like to see my life motto.

Your profile data can also be customised by you, from which you can specify what languages you speak, what Pets you have or like, what type you have or what you put much value in a partnership.

5 tips for a successful profile.

Tip 1: Show your chocolate side. When fish head is a lot of Nordic people waiting to get to know you, therefore you should present yourself from your best side. Without a profile picture nothing is going on here, and if you didn’t see on your picture, you’re not unlocked from the Support. A nice portrait photo of you is therefore the Foundation stone for your success.

Tip 2: do not Spare with words! You landed as a Single fish head, because you’re looking for something. What is it you should specify in your profile honestly. Of course the others want to know why they should choose you. In your self-description, you can call them reasons, what makes you the ideal Partner .

Tip 3: to Like or not like? Every person has certain preferences and things with which he is not at all clear. In the sections “I like and I don’t like” found you the perfect place to explain your Likes and Dislikes. Tip: A bit of Humor is in this category better than a boring bulleted list of things you like.

Tip 4: paint your dream partner! You are looking for a relationship, a Partner with you through thick and thin can go? Then the other members let her know who has chances and who better to go on the run. Describe thoroughly what your partner should bring, because that allows other people to find out whether you as a potential Partner in question.

Tip 5: Tell something about you. Do you have a Hobby, a a hobby, a Passion for which you live? Then something tell me about it! What are your Hobbies, what you like to eat, what makes your leisure time? The more you tell of you, the better the first impression to your profile visitors can make. Words to skimp on position is when the profile is never good.

Contact options.

The contact options at fish head are not lush, but for a first Meet. First attention you can attract by giving away a Rose. For this purpose, you have to visit the profile of the other Person and you can then select the Rose. This function is, unfortunately, often used by jokers miss, so it was disabled by many women. If women or men don’t want to receive roses, you will receive the Shipment test, the message that flowers are desired .

In this case, or if you prefer to contact directly like, you can send a message to a member. You have a few formatting options but a couple of Smileys available that can loosen up your Text. Tip: If you select an exciting subject line that will read your message rather of other .

Public expressions of support you can in the guestbook to leave, but that is only gold fishing available. The guestbook can be disabled by the user if the want to get no entries .

As the base member of the standard chat is available to you, where you meet nice people can. If you have decided to use the gold fish membership, you can use all of the chat rooms that you provided. Focusing on the Chats to “Flirts, cuddles, or zip code area are” sorted.

Design, functionality and usability.

In the Design of fish head can win, unfortunately, no medal, the page looks very cluttered and the operation is getting used to. On the left are often not recognizable as such, we found ourselves in the Test, sometimes to another base without having to aware of a Link clicked .

Clearly, the profile features that you find on each bottom right in a box, however. From there, you can coordinate your membership, your favorites, manage, or to your mailbox to access.

The Design of the fish head is useful, but is overshadowed by the constant advertising pop-UPS. The advertising can be disabled with a gold fish membership completely, which affects the loading times of the page. According to the advertisement, it sometimes takes several seconds until you for example, from a profile in the guestbook changed’re.


The most important function in the fish head, the search function, so you can find the fastest way to new members. Basic members only have the standard search by age and distance, while a gold fish can filter by numerous criteria. In the section “members” you can get all users filtered by the following categories to view:

He is looking for you looking for you looking for you, He’s looking for Him, leisure applications.

Parties and events.

A special Highlight is the fish head, the events that are offered in regular intervals from the site. Whether Ü30 single party, or General Celebration in the public scene is local, the fish heads are cordially invited to participate. The event participation is free of charge, ticket prices in Local or beverages must be paid .

Single choice.

And again, Mr. Single-and Mrs. Single will take place at the fish head. Can participate any member of fish head, which has at least one profile picture uploaded. The other users will vote who is the most attractive Single on the side. The winner usually receives a voucher for the Premium membership. When the election is to take place is not specified, head shall inform the members in a timely manner.

For all users of the single market, the fish head App is available, which can be downloaded for free. The operating system must be IOS or Android, for Windows phones there is only the mobile use via the web browser of the smartphone.

Through the App you can always access your messages, you reply to or roses to send and receive. The load times are sometimes a bit long for the more comfortable use on the PC.

Registration and profile creation are not going to recommend the App, as you write texts with the phone keyboard is tedious. We recommend the registration in the web portal and the use of the App for on-the-go.

Experience report.

After we have grinned over the name of fish head, we searched in vain for the login option via Facebook. Even if we prefer the manual application, in principle, it was surprising that no link is offered. The registration itself is done quickly by Hand, it took no five minutes, until we looked at our empty profile to .

The profiling took nearly two hours of time, because here a lot of value is placed on free choice of words. Although individual areas with a mouse click to fill out a majority of the information is, however, made by free-text. Since not only the content of the text, but the spelling must be correct, we have to read everything three times before we published our texts .

24 hours it takes on average, to fish head has released new photos and text. Annoying is that even verified members will have to wait for a profile picture change, because the image must be re-examined .

The communication was a bit slow, a shipment of roses was nearly impossible, as almost all individuals had disabled the function. In the Chat members were hardly able to develop any calls. While we waited for news, we took advantage of the free TV offering fish head, an in-house transmitter, which sends several small contributions to different topics. For a few minutes quite exciting, but then the boredom occurs .

Boredom is a major Problem in the fish head, employment possibilities, we searched here in vain. To read in the Chat, nothing going on, in the Inbox, nothing, only the possibility remained, ultimately, to install the App and the rare incoming messages from the mobile phone .