Dating Cafe Rip-Off Is A Myth

Dating Cafe Rip-Off: A Myth?

So you protect to rip-off you from the Dating Cafe .

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Dating cafe rip-off: myth or truth?

Fair and affordable – this is the predicate, which received the Dating site Dating cafe of the Stiftung Warentest. Other journals are convinced of the quality of the exchange. It impresses not only with intuitive handling but also with a high level of satisfaction of its members. The fear of a Dating cafe is a rip-off is actually justified, as some Users in the network announced ?

Subscription is not mandatory.

Anyone who logs in to the Dating cafe, has, in General, a fine education. 1,500,000 people have already experiences with the Portal, and every day, around 800 new applications are added. The conditions for membership are transparent, so that from a Dating cafe to the speech not a rip-off really can be. For the duration of a week, you can look around free of charge on the Portal. Dating Cafe Rip-Off Is A Myth logs in
Only after this test phase the fees. These are comparatively low and can be paid in various Ways. Dating Cafe Rip-Off Is A Myth extended, often
What Dating cafe is great, is the absence of an automatic renewal of the membership. If you don’t want it to be so explicitly, not renewed your membership .

Protection against negligence.

When it comes to Dating the topic of rip-off is in the area of Online, turn to the allegations of most of the notice. The User throw the portals, the membership is extended, often automatically. In addition, outspoken denunciations vercshwinden supposedly, what are the additional costs. In General, however, it is a case of forgetfulness on the part of the members that have missed the right at the time of Termination. In this point, no rip-off takes place at the Dating cafe. With the conscious decision to go against the model of a subscription trap Dating cafe solves this Problem. Since the membership will not be renewed after the expiry of the chosen time period automatically, has a lack of notice and no consequences. Users are protected from their own carelessness. Dating Cafe Rip-Off Is A Myth takes place at
Rip-off may have occurred with dubious single exchanges in the past, sporadically, but at Dating cafe is definitely not an issue.