Chatiw in the Test of September 2019 – Only Fakes or real Dates

Chatiw in the Test of September 2019 - Only Fakes or real Dates

Chatiw in the Test of September 2019.

Chatiw is helping You to find real and serious Dates, or just raised false hopes? Read our test report to the Chat with detailed information on all the Features and find out whether it is worth a try !


no registration is necessary (basic version) only age, gender and place of residence Verification are queried with a Captcha Code, the user name must be appropriate .

Chatiw requires no registration to Start, as long as You have access only to the free area of the Site want. This means: You need neither E-Mail address and password. All You have to specify at the beginning, are basic information about You – including nick name, age, gender and place of residence belong. You can also use the GPS feature to enable to allow Chatiw access to Your location. This increases the Chance with members from Your area to come in contact .

If You have additional functions like the Site offers a paid membership with a private profile. The advantage of this is that You don’t have to enter Your data each time you Login in the Chat new. The Premium membership grants You a priority in customer support and highlights Your profile .

“Profile” is not limited to gender, age and place of residence no profile photos possible a lot of fake profiles and scammers in the Chat, not checking for authenticity.

We are not sure whether you can really call a “profile”, but the contained information (Username, age, gender, location) are visible for all the is online. After a few hours of inactivity, You Chatiw will be logged out automatically and deletes all the stored data.

There is no verification process takes place, as neither a mail address nor a password is asked. We do not know whether and how the operator of scammers and Fakes checked, so the only option left to You to block the User in question. Once locked, the User will be detained for a period of 48 hours to the use of the chat .


all the Online members, no contact suggestions search options are visible is limited to the bare minimum, each user can send photos to VIP members may have unlimited sending Links and numbers .

Although Chatiw is, in principle, free, there are some limitations: For example, You can only send a limited number of messages per day. Also, You can not to the left and Numbers to send. In the enjoyment of these features You get only by upgrading to a VIP Account.

However, caution is necessary! In our Tests, a lot of Chatter online, the were very pushy and show-off goods. These clearly say what you’re made of. We were in the Chat with inappropriate photos. In this case, You can either ignore the message or the Person by clicking on “Block” .

Special Features.

Chatiw is a simple Website that lets You connect with Strangers around the world in contact. She has no right exceptional Features for a Chat, the following points can find online:

Chat History.

You can find them in the upper part of the main page next to Your Inbox. The Chat History includes the complete list of Your conversations, You have driven since the last Login. It stores however, there is no chat, which are several hours or even days.

You will find the Link to the Blog-articles and Posts at the end of the Homepage before You enter the Chat area. Here there are mainly flirting tips, relationship Advisor and advice for Online Dating.

Tips for safety.

There is a separate Link under the You tips for Chatting online to find. The Site offers information such as You You from Scammers and other fraud-protect can.

only available for Android Smartphones free Download all the features of the Desktop version included simple user guide functional, pleasant and expedient.

To be honest: The mobile App like us better than the normal Website. All functions are to be found there and You can start a Chat, without Your computer boot. You can use the service while You’re on the go, faulenzst or other things to do.

Unfortunately, the App is only available in the Google PlayStore for Android Smartphones is available. According to reports, an iOS App is already in the planning stage; an official confirmation on the part of Chatiw is but .

Experience report.

Chatiw in the Test of September 2019 - Only Fakes or real Dates

I use Chatiw now for several years. Usually I start a Chat with other users, if I’m bored or something waiting just for entertainment in my free time. I have nights admit that I look around me for something else, too, if I have a quarrel with my girlfriend… In this lonely, where You’re looking for just a distraction. But, If You stick to serious discussions looking for, You’re at the completely wrong address. – Fabian, 31 Years.

Personal Recommendation.

Which Dating site is right for you?

We create You a free, personal recommendation.

Costs and prices.

Duration / Credits / Coins cost per month total VIP / month / month / month.

Chat rooms and private chat to send messages to other users of the page to enter edit profile pictures and send Emojis to other Users .

environment that is free of advertising-no Captcha Verification Nickname reserve VIP icon to send the profile name to the left and numbers unlimited private messages, send priority when in contact with the customer support.

Chatiw is basically a free service. You need to pay for the use of nothing. In addition, Chatiw offers to Upgrade to VIP membership in order to make the usage a bit more pleasant. This allows You more options in the Chat and a faster response to customer support requests.

To become a VIP, You must purchase a membership. This offers You the advantage every Time Your re-enter data and the Captcha-Check on You happen to .

It is worth mentioning two points are: payments must be in US dollars and it is offered with a lifetime membership for $ 99.95 .

Chatiw is perhaps a good address if You’re looking for a quick Chat or to kill time like. Like almost every other Chat platform, you will get to know Strangers from all corners of the world .

If You are looking for but to real Dates or a serious relationship, it is probably not the right place: There might be individual Users that search for Dates, true love or even a potential spouse, but the absolute majority just want to lead a non-binding conversation. You have no assurance that everyone You meet has the same intentions and ideas, not least because there is no Profile and verifications .

If You prefer to seriously want to look better we tested single exchanges. We believe this to be for such purposes safer and more credible. In addition, they have safety Features, which You effectively from fraudsters and Fakes protect.

What is Chatiw?

Chatiw is a Chat Portal and makes You contacts to all sorts of people around the globe establish. You can use it either free of charge or optional for a VIP membership sign up. The Upgrade allows You to Your nick name to protect, and Your support requests will be answered faster.

How does Chatiw?

The site has a typical Chat Interface that lets You communicate with others. It offers exclusively private chat rooms for two people. There is no group chat, however, will be offered affiliate Links to lead You to providers that offer exactly the .

Chatiw is safe and trustworthy?

Chatiw is trustworthy and relatively safe. However, there are a few reports of Scamming, and other fraud on the Site so You should always be careful and proceed with Caution when You with Strange writing.

Chatiw is an anonymous Chat Service?

Yes, You have the opportunity to write with other Users anonymously. There are no profile images and also the user name can be changed at any time, as long as no one else uses.

Chatiw is free?

Yes, the Chat platform is basically free. You can get in contact without having to pay for it. In addition, however, also offered a paid VIP membership, which brings You several advantages .

Chatiw in the Test of September 2019 - Only Fakes or real Dates

You must register with Chatiw ?

From a technical point of view, there is no registration process to Start, since after entering the data, no Account is created. This information is automatically deleted after a few hours of inactivity. The next time you Login You need to fill in the information re – .

Is Chatiw monitored?

According to the privacy policy and terms of use of the page Chatiw is monitored. Anyone who stands in his actions negatively, will be locked for 48 hours .

How do I contact Chatiw?

For questions and comments, You can E-Mail to [email protected] send or the contact form on the Website.

Functionality and use of.

How do I get rid of my Chatiw-block ?

If You’ve been blocked, You can’t use the Website for 48 hours and have the time to otherwise distribute. If You’re of the opinion that the lock was the result of a mistake or was not justified, You can contact to the customer support .

How do I delete my Chatiw Account?

You don’t have to delete Your Account. All of the information you entered when You Login, are deleted after a few hours of inactivity .

Where can I get Chatiw App download?

The mobile App is currently only available for Android Smartphones in the Google PlayStore available.

How to block someone on Chatiw?

In order to block a user or report, simply click on the “Block”Button next to the user name. Then follow the instructions in the Pop Up window.

How do I change my country / location on Chatiw?

You can’t change Your location manually, as this is determined by means of GPS. This is to prevent users to spend as a resident in another country .

Why not work Chatiw ?

Once in a while, it may happen that the offer is offline. The operators have promised to get this Problem under control. To be on the Online Status shows, You can use this on the Facebook page, check.

Can I share in Chatiw Links ?

To Share Links within Chatiw You need a VIP membership. The provider justifies this with safety reasons.

Thank you for your question. We will answer you as soon as possible .

Share your Chatiw experience.

Unfortunately, there are still no reports on Chatiw. Be the First to share your experience with others is:

Thanks for your experience report. After editorial review we will publish it here .